I am one of the founders of RIDR, but I stand by everything this light has to offer. When riding, the laser lights really give me the feeling of being safer. More importantly, car drivers notice me much quicker. With RIDR, we wanted to share that same feeling with others. We live in a time where modern ways of transport have taken over the roads. Cars have now reached their peak, time to take back our precious roads.



SHARING A ROAD WITH CARS! Honestly nothing more frustrating than being in constant danger. If we have our own roads we don’t need to worry about anything and cycling becomes 100% enjoyment. To this day, when riding on the road, i must look behind me – check my surroundings – pay extra attention in the dark – stay out of the way out of fear they haven’t seen me…. the list is endless. With RIDR we are creating a small section on the road that others must respect. The first step in the right direction.



Riding a bike feels like freedom, sun or rain, there is always some dopamines at the end of it. It’s the cars that make you not take your bike, so make sure you are as visible as possible, problem solved. RIDR didn’t reinvent the wheel (or the light for that matter). RIDR just added an obvious benefit to an existing solution. With one stone we now tackle two problems. Something we hope other light manufactures will incorporate in their designs.

If we look at the statistics, we notice that the traditional bike lights do way too little for side and ground visibility. Although a fluorescent vest is the absolute best solution, RIDR Lights offer something in between.