My name is Max, I work in an architect office not too far from home. Living in Belgium we notice the demands to be more environmentally friendly. I do my part by not purchasing a car. If it can be done by bike and the weather allows it, I will always grab my two-wheeler. Not only does it help the planet and others, for me it’s also a way to stay in shape + it wakes me up in the morning. Especially when it rains! If you know Belgium at all you know that it almost rains all the time. But still then, a bike gives you some freedom in the morning, no stress from traffic, all kinds of benefits.



Safety issues is maybe one of the only reasons why I wouldn’t take my bike. If my lights don’t function or there is an issue with the bike I will not take the risk. I’m a good rider, but just don’t trust my life in the hands of car drivers. On a bike we are very weak compared to cars. Yes, we can try to dodge or jump off the bike to avoid collisions – but cars usually come from behind to overtake. For them it’s not easy to know how close they take-over, but for us bikers, we can literally feel how close they came.



I already had bike lights so in that aspect it’s not that big of a difference. The RIDR Lights are nice because they have 5 LED lights in a straight line. Makes for a big strip on the rear which is quite visible. Battery is good enough, I can last several days without charging because I don’t have to ride that far.

The biggest difference for me is the Laser Lights. They really stand out and it’s something I haven’t seen anyone use before. It’s one of those inventions that you think “How has nobody thought about this before”. They make a lot of sense! I also have the feeling that car drivers use the lines to over-take. It really makes me feel as if i’m being seen and i’m safe on the road. For me RIDR is a big + during my cycling route. Especially when it is starting to get dark out.