Winter Biking - The Basics

Winter Biking - The Basics

Winter doesn’t mean you need to stop biking! There are many ways to keep cycling all year round so you can take advantage off some these benefits:

  • You’ll keep up your general fitness
  • No need to spend money on a gym membership 
  • You’ll produce the happy hormone during physical exercise and therefore improve your mood during those winter months


We must admit though that there are some things that you’ll need to do to get winter ready. We will show you:

  1. What you need to do to get your bike ready for the winter 
  2. How to dress and prepare yourself for winter cycling
  3. How to cycle safely in winter

1. What you need to do to get your bike ready for the winter 

No more slipping 

The risk of slipping and falling is a lot higher in winter conditions. That being said, there are a few things you can do to avoid it.

  • Pick the right tyres. You would want to get wider tyres with a heavier profile
  • Lower the pressure in your tyres to get more grip
  • Ensure your braking system is on point. The ability to break quickly is paramount in wintery conditions
  • Ensure you have sufficient grip on your shoes and pedals. You don’t want your feet to slide off your pedals

See and be seen

As always visibility equals safety. Good lighting and reflective gear is a must especially as it gets dark so early. You might even want to consider putting on some extra lights or actual reflectors on your bike.  

2. How to dress and prepare yourself for winter cycling

Bike done, now you! You should not only ensure your bike is up to scratch and ready for winter cycling, you should also look at what you are wearing.

Stay toasty

Make sure you layer up when you go out on those crisp winter mornings. Layers are the way forward as this allows you to stay dry and warm but also cool off if for whatever reason you get too warm!

Given the typically wet conditions. We always wear a rain jacket to keep dry. Nothing worse than getting wet and cold whilst on your bike.

It is also crucial to keep your hands warm and mobile. So please wear gloves so you can still control your brake levers on time 

Visibility = Safety

We are repeating  ourselves but that is because we want everyone to be safe. Reflective clothing is just another way to make yourself visible. So do make sure you wear them and use your lights at the same time!

3. How to cycle safely in winter

A couple of last tips to ensure you ride safely during winter:

  • Low gears and easy pedalling. Low gears will help you get through snow more easily
  • No sudden movements. It’s slippery out there and sudden movements can throw you off balance. Try and avoid them!
  • Avoid ice. Just don’t cycle on ice as you will fall
  • Stay seated. Try and avoid getting out of your saddle and on the pedals. You’ll have more control sitting down and your back tyre will have more grip.