Two opposing biking trends for 2021 and beyond


Biking, just like any sport and hobby is not immune to fads or trends. In this week's blog post, we’re looking at two trends we believe will stick around for many years to come. 

Interestingly, the two trends we’ve selected sit at both ends of the biking spectrum: on the one hand we have a trend that puts adventure, nature and self-discovery central. On the other hand we have a trend that puts the virtual and socially connected world central.

We’re curious to learn which one you prefer! Read further to discover more. 

Bikepacking is having its moment

The first on our list is “bikepacking”. Do you like biking? Do you like backpacking? Then bikepacking is the new thing for you. If you are unfamiliar with it, bikepacking involves strapping lots of trendy bags to your bike and heading off into pastures unknown.

Bikepacking has been around for a while, but has arguably benefitted from the whole COVID-19 craze we went through in the past year. Months-long quarantines and very limited social contact has driven people to rediscover nature and look for that “sense of adventure”. Exactly, what bikepacking can offer you. It’s an incredibly fun way to spend a biking weekend, reconnect with nature and yourself.  

Companies like “Restrap” have jumped on this trend and sell all kinds of bags to help you strap as much stuff on your bike as possible.  

I mean look at this, doesn’t this look amazing? 


Oh, and since you’ll be riding at dusk and dawn on your long bikepacking trips, make sure to pack a good bike light. Preferably one that provides you 360° of visibility on those dark and twisty mountain and forest roads. We have just the one for you ;-) 

Virtual racing or eRacing

The second trend we have identified is all things related to virtual racing or e-racing. 

Yet another trend that accelerated due to COVID-19. We’ll highlight two big platforms:

Zwift, the leader in integrated online training/gaming platforms, has been working  hard to bring e-racing into the mainstream. Today, more than a million bike fanatics ride their bike indoors connected to their Zwift account. Racing for virtual trophees, points, stats and of course, respect. 

Last year, together with UCI, Zwift held the “UCI Cycling E-Sports World Championship''. In the future, Zwift wants to bring eRacing to the Olympics. Jep, you read that right: an Olympic cycling eRace may be coming your way as early as 2024! 

You’ll be able to cheer for your favorite online avatar to cross the finish line.

Another player is Peloton, which sells connected exercise bikes and equipment.  Peloton IPO’d back in 2019, it’s stock more than quadrupled since then and Wall street values the company at more than $30 billion! A clear example that there's big money in this. Peloton positions themselves more on the ‘premium’ end of the spectrum with an entry level Peloton bike going for at least $1800. Gotta spend money to stay fit! 

It’s clear: eRacing and digitally enabled home biking is big and will only grow in the future. 

In stark contrast to the outdoorsy and adventurous bikepacking trend. Which one do you  prefer?