Four really amazing cycling projects

Four really amazing cycling projects

Cycling is big and so many have picked it up in the last year. So we wanted to share five amazing cycling projects. So we wanted to share four of them just in case you wanted to try something new.

Cycling through the Trees

The "Cycling through the Trees" project in Bosland, Belgium is a unique experience where a circular bridge has been built which allows you to cycle high between the trees! The cycle path goes up to 10 meters high and is 700 meters long in total.

2 Cycle through Water

Another Belgian one (maybe we are biased :P). Cycling through water is located in Bokrijk and provides another breathtaking experience. You can cycle more than 200 meters through a pond whilst taking in all of the animals splashing around in the water.

3 The world’s longest elevated cycle path

The southeast city of Xiamen has levelled up with the construction of a 7.6 km elevated skyway for bikes. Which makes it the world’s longest elevated cycle path.

It sits below the overhead bus transport system and has capacity for more than 2000 bikes at a time. On top of that you can rent a bike if you don't own one.

 4 The Northern Pathway Project

The Northern Pathway project in Auckland is a new piece of work which provides a link between the City Centre of Auckland and the North Shore through the harbour bridge.