Founders Post - Slim

My fellow RIDR’s

When I was 10 I got my first real bike. It was also around that time that my parents would let me leave the house by myself. There were no smartphones back then. If you wanted to know if your friend was home you could try the landline or just ride by. And that is where my love for cycling came in. The freedom to drive through the fields and being rewarded by seeing my friends. Through these fields, a ride to Nils’ house would take 10 minutes. If I were to go by car it would take 15 minutes (depending on traffic) and someone would need to take me (Joyriding wasn’t part of my MO….yet). So cycling opened a whole new world of possibilities for me as a kid.

When I say ‘love for cycling’, I don’t mean that I cycle hundreds of kilometers a week. I like cycling because it offers me freedom, activity and a healthy dose of fresh air. It’s a means of transportation that makes me feel more human than sitting in a car. Feeling the raindrops hit my already squinted eyes, freezing my chin off, the warmth of the first morning sun rays or that breeze of rolling air when you are coasting down a hill. My love for cycling isn’t the amount of kilometers on the counter, it’s the emotions. Add ‘excellent way of clearing my head’ to this list of benefits and you know why we decided to start a cycling brand.

Sure, a car is awesome, warm and fast, but it doesn’t give me the satisfaction and pride I get from cycling everywhere. Riding a bike means you uphold other values. It means you prioritise health and nature beyond unnecessary luxury. It also means you’re not scared from a little rain, wind or snow.

We started RIDR because people believe cycling is unsafe and dangerous. Just like my mom when I was 10 riding through the fields, they are worried something could happen. And they aren’t wrong, as long as we share the roads with cars and trucks, cycling can be dangerous. With RIDR we provide extra safety gear to make you as visible and safe as possible. Until we get our own roads we will do everything to improve your safety on the road. 

We are early adopters, we set an example, we are the future.
Ride with us and become a RIDR.