Founders Post - Nils

Hi Everyone!

My name is Nils and I am one of the three founders of RIDR. I was born in Belgium but have English and Dutch roots. As a kid I loved football.  Well to be honest I still love it :). I started at the ripe age of 4 and it was also during this time that I met Slim (one of the other co-founders). A life long friendship was shaped on and off the pitch. If we were not at school we would be playing football or be outside in nature, exploring the neighbourhood and cycling all over the place.

One could say that given my childhood and roots in bicycle passionate countries a seed was planted that came to fruition many years later.

I also love exploring and going out on little adventures. Those can be simple experiences such as going out on my bike and exploring a new local route or  grander exploration such as travelling to far off countries. This sense of adventure and sheer luck have given me the opportunity to live in 4 countries and travel to over 40.

So why do I love cycling so much? 

Well there are many reasons. First of all, it’s a great mode of transport. As a kid it was so easy to meet up with my mates. Just jump on the bike, cycle through the fields and voila fun could be had! Such an amazing feeling to meet up so easily. Being slightly older and now living in a city like London this remains true. No need to go into the tube and get the feeling that you’re packed in like sardines in a can. How liberating! Ow and on top of that cycling is free. Never a bad thing for your budget :)

Secondly, it’s healthy! I’ve always liked my sports and staying healthy has always been important to me. Don’t they say a healthy body is a healthy mind? So for me cycling is a great way to support me in staying healthy.

Thirdly,  exploration. As I mentioned I love to explore and the bicycle offers me an easy way to get out and find new spots that you would otherwise not know or even think off. 

This love for cycling and adventure ultimately made me want to partner up with my founders and best friends to create RIDR. With this creation we are bringing more safety to cycling so you can enjoy the  benefits that come with cycling.