5 things your RIDR laser light can be used for (and they’re not related to cycling)

5 things your RIDR laser light can be used for (and they’re not related to cycling)

In the past, we’ve highlighted how the RIDR light drastically improves your safety on the road. We’ve highlighted the advantages of side visibility in rear bike light and why the laser lights are just plain awesome. 

This time, we’re taking a slightly different angle (pun intended - sorry). We’ll unveil how the RIDR light can spice up your everyday life - beyond your cycling commute that is. We picked 5 of our favorite things:

1) Creative night lighting - a few weeks ago, one of our proud customers sent us a picture of what seemed to be a very futuristic lighting setup in their bedroom. Upon closer inspection, we could identify 4 RIDR Lights strung together and hanging from the ceiling. The result: a night club-like lighting effect in your own bedroom. It’s one of the more creative things we’ve seen done with it and we absolutely love it. 

2) Point to all the things - our RIDR Light’s laser lights are remarkably strong. They have to because we want to make sure the laser lines are visible whilst riding on any type of road at night. As such, the laser core (the laser diode powering the light) can be used as your very own laser pointer. You can thus use it to do whatever you’d use a laser pointer for; highlight things from afar, entertain your kids, ... Let your imagination go wild! Just make sure not to shine in anyone's eyes, please. 

3) Baby stroller - moms and dads out there know how important it is to take your newborn for long walks in a stroller. The fresh air and movement stimulate their development. As a parent it’s also a great way to get some energy back after those short early nights. If there’s one thing we want for our younglings, it is safety. What better way is there to add extra visibility than using your own RIDR light? Especially effective in the evening hours! 


4) Angles at your disposal - the angles of the projected laser lines are a perfect 140°. Now that you know, what can you do with this? At the very least you can now draw perfect 140° and 40° angles on any surface! The more artistic RIDR Light owners can project these angles on a wall or sheet of paper and get creative. Please send us your best geometrical drawings, we’d be glad to feature them on our website!


5) Entertain your cat - we all know cats and the internet have had a longstanding relationship. Ever since the first home movies were uploaded to YouTube, cats have been a prominent protagonist. We’re proud to say that our very own RIDR Light can be used to further support and drive this adorable internet trend. For our fellow cat owners: take out your RIDR Light and start pointing at things close to your cat. Your fluffy friend will absolutely go wild and love it. Have a look at our Instagram page for a live example! PS: no cats were harmed in the making of this clip :-)