5 things not to forget on your next bikepacking trip

5 things not to forget on your next bikepacking trip

In one of our previous articles, we introduced you to the concept of bikepacking: fitting your bike with everything you need to camp, heading off into pastures unknown and (re)discovering nature. 

At RIDR, we’re absolutely enamoured by this concept and the movement it created. We can only encourage you to try it out for yourself. Of course, good preparation is required to get the most out of every bikepacking trip you embark on. To help you get started, we’ve prepared a short list of the top 5 things not to forget on your next bikepacking trip: 

  1. Bags, lot’s of bags - kind of obvious, but true. You’ll need a lot of bags to fit all of your equipment, food and clothes. Companies like “Restrap” have jumped on this trend and sell all kinds of bags to help you strap as much stuff on your bike as possible. Pro tip: be creative, but don’t overdo it. Bring along the basics, but don’t compromise on food (& drinks)!

  2. Bike GPS - don’t bring along too many technological gadgets such as a GPS and it takes away from the sense of adventure. We just love going out and seeing where the road will take us. No set plan, no defined objective. Just ride. That being said, finding your way back home is a lot easier with a GPS! Just promise us to only take it out on your way back, OK? Wahoo has a good offering, go check them out. 

  3. Snacks & drinks - a trip is not complete without the right snacks and drinks. Remember, you’ll need to pack quite a few calories going on long bikepacking trips. At RIDR, we love packing for both utility and pleasure. The right mix of “powerfoods” to get you through the day topped of with a can of nacho’s, dip and couple of beers for the campfire evening is the way to go. Need inspiration? Google is your friend! 

  4. Friends - arguably the most important part of bikepacking. We truly believe it's an experience one should share with a few close friends. Heading out together, discovering nature, … perfect bonding. Take it from us, you’ll cherish those late night talks by the campfire for years to come! 

  5. A good pair of lights - lastly, let’s not forget your safety, shall we? On top of the mandatory helmet, we highly recommend you to invest in the right bike lights. You’ll be riding at dusk and dawn on your long bikepacking trips, so make sure to pack good bike light (front & back). Preferably ones that provide you 360° of visibility on those dark and twisty mountain and forest roads. Still looking for a rear light? We have just the one for you ;-) ! 

There you have it. 5 things not to forget on your next bikepacking trip. The only thing you need to do now is get to planning! Summer is coming up, so block that next weekend without any plans and invite a few friends. Should you follow our advice, please do send us your pictures or drop us a message to share your experience! Enjoy.