3 ways to be more visible


One of the key accessories which will help you is lights. Generally speaking, there are 2 categories of lights: Commuting/road bike lights, mountain bike lights. There are some key aspects you take into account when buying a light.
  • Is it to be seen or to seen
  • Battery life
  • Weight
  • Are you visible from the side (more important for rear lights
  • Check the mounting options to ensure it is compatible with your bike


Both types of clothing will help you stand out in a world where there’s light and distractions everywhere. A study, published in 2007 by researchers in New Zealand, compared the amount of time cyclists spent off work as a result of crashes involving a motor vehicle. They found that riders who never wore fluorescent cycling kit spent eight times as much time away from work as riders who always wore such clothing.

A whopping 35% of fatal cycling accidents happen at night, despite only 10% of cyclists riding after dark.

During the day, fluorescent clothing takes ultraviolet (UV) light from the sun. This results in an increase in the total amount of visible light that is reflected off the clothing. This is particularly true in environments with low- light, or driving around dusk and dawn. At night when there is no UV light to convert, the fluorescent material is not so effective. For this reason, at night, reflective clothing is an absolute must!


Finally, you can add some colour to your accessories with for example brightly coloured rucksacks which have reflective elements to it. These reflective accessories can be placed anywhere; clothing, wheels, pedals, EVERYWHERE!